Bail Bonds Appraisals


At Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists, we can relate to the fact that the incarceration of a loved one can be absolutely devastating – even just one day. Appraisals in these cases are needed to determine the collateral for bail or immigration bond while your loved one is in custody. The services of a professional real estate appraiser are needed to determine the fair market value of your home and it is required by law that a real property appraiser must act independently, free from any coercion, influence or pressure. While the real estate appraisal report would still require correct analysis and need to be supported by proper documentation, it would also need to be completed FAST. This is a legitimate instance where a home appraisal truly must be done right away.

While a typical real estate appraisal may take 4-5 business days to complete, a Bail Bonds Appraisal will likely need to be completed today. These situations require that we “drop everything” we’re currently doing. We sometimes have to reschedule current appointments, stop working on assignments in process, or even cancel personal plans to ensure that we can meet your urgent needs. Generally speaking, if you request the appraisal by 8:00 am, we will complete the report by the end of that day. Given the time constraints and effort involved, our fees for Bail Bonds Appraisals are naturally higher than our fees for real estate appraisals for other purposes, but these are unique circumstances, and nobody wants their loved one to be detained for any longer than they have to be. When you find that you need a Bail Bonds Appraisal, Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists is your first choice. Our prices are competitive and our goal is for your real estate appraisal to be done quickly and the right way. Our team of experienced professionals and state licensed/certified real estate appraisers, are trained to produce high quality real estate appraisals, while handling our clients’ situations discreetly and respectfully. The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance and we provide our services professionally, and with courtesy and confidentiality. We are a firm you can rely on in this most critical time.

We are satisfied only if our clients experience true professionalism in their dealings with us. In the unlikely event that we are completely booked or in any way unable to immediately meet your needs, we won’t hesitate to recommend you to a trusted professional real estate appraiser outside of our firm.

Going through a divorce is tough. When you choose Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists as your divorce appraiser, you can rest assured that our team of professionals will provide high quality real estate appraisals, while handling your matter with discretion and confidentiality. The ethics provision of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) requires that our clients’ matters remain private and we always treat our clients provide our services with courtesy and respect. We are a real estate appraisal company that you can trust during this challenging time.

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