Listen below to what others have to say about Jason Fischman and Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists.  

“You write the best reports I’ve ever seen. Always a pleasure to read.”
Review Appraiser

 “The value conclusion is appropriate and reasonable given the data and analysis presented in the report. This appraisal report was very well documented and one of the best cooperative appraisal reports that I have seen.

Appraisal Reviewer

 “Mr. Fischman is a consummate professional, which is evidenced in both his work and demeanor. On numerous occasions, Mr. Fischman has testified as an expert witness for my clients. His professionalism, knowledge, ability to articulate the facts and uncompromising commitment to his work is beyond reproach.” 
Attorney – Certified Family Law Specialist

“Thank you again for the appraisal work you completed for us on the Summitridge site. You did quality work.”
Principal, Private Wealth Lender

 “Thanks Jason. You are always such a pleasure to work with and it is very evident that you take pride in your work.”

Senior Review Appraiser

“Excellent report, thank you so much. Pleasure working with you; appreciate your professionalism and easy communication. I’ll keep you in mind for future appraisals and referrals.”


 “It [the report] was perfect, of course. You are the best!”

Senior Review Appraiser

 “Jason, Thanks for your hard work on this file. Personally, I am really happy you were assigned this one.”

Senior Quality Control Analyst, Origination Valuations

 “I asked [the Bank] to request you specifically–I’m so glad it’s you coming back!”


“Thank you for your quick response and very well written professional reports”

Review Appraiser

 “I just got the appraisal you did for my current escrow…Great report by the way! I’ll make sure to keep you guys in mind if one of my clients ever need an appraisal.”

M.R. – Realtor

 “The case is resolving. It was a pleasure working with you.”

C.C., Esq.

 “Thank you very much for your quick action. Appreciate your assistance.”

Asset Manager

 “Appraisal received, thank you…it looks great.”


“Thank you for your very thorough report. We really appreciate your attention to detail and all explanations provided.”

 “Whoever thought of this set up and created Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists deserves some compliments! I have been in this business for 20 years and have never had this type of service! As far as I’m concerned you guys get all my orders!”

Loan Officer

 “Your company has been extremely helpful! Your turnaround time for the latest appraisal was amazing and the communication via e-mail with Ana Marie and her team was great. Your excellent service allows me to shine with both my agents and borrowers.”

Loan Officer

 “Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists has been an approved appraisal company since 1999. Premier America Credit Union has used their services on a large volume of appraisals, and on occasion as a review appraiser. We have found them to be accurate, quick, and they deliver a well documented appraisal. I would highly recommend them from our past experience with them.”

Real Estate Manager – Credit Union

 “I don’t know much about appraisals and I appreciate your professionalism. Thanks for your efforts and I wish you well.”


 “Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists’ attention to detail and getting our appraisals completed quickly is a definite asset. I personally have been working with Mr. Fischman for over 5 years and have always been impressed with his work ethic. Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists’ ability to solve any and all potential or existing problems with any appraisal issue is superb. Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists is constantly thinking of new ideas to improve the quality of their service. I would strongly recommend Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists to any company whose goal is to succeed.”

Loan Manager

 “Beverly Hills Appraisal Specialists is a source that can be relied upon for timely appraisals with quick responses to any questions we may have. The support staff is phenomenal at answering all requests and providing great communication throughout the entire process.”

Loan Officer

“Received the appraisal today, Thank you for your work on this.”

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